This Sh*t is Bananas!

Frozen Bananas

Bananas are my go-to fruit. They are so handy and easy to eat;
I bring them to work every day as my mid-morning snack.

I try to be strategic when I’m buying them. I usually pull
apart a few from the bunch that I think I’ll use before they go bad…while no one’s
looking of course. I’m pretty sure it’s a supermarket taboo that everyone does
but no one talks about. I get super frustrated every week because I always have
1-2 that I need to throw away due to them becoming over rip.

My friend Nicole mentioned putting them in the fridge to
extend the shelf life. I must have been half listening because I starting
putting them in the freezer.  I happily
told her that I took her advice and put the bananas in the freezer, now what?
She looked at me like I was crazy! Anyhoo, I’m stuck with a bunch of frozen
bananas and nothing to do with them. I figured I wasn’t the only person with
this dilemma so I’ve compiled a list of handy things to do with frozen bananas.

  • Bananas Smoothies
  • One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream
  • Frozen Chocolate Covered bananas
  • Thaw one to add to cake mix for super moist cake
  • Banana Daiquiris
  • Banana Butter
  • Banana Pancakes
  •  Banana Muffins or Bread

You get the idea. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “This Sh*t is Bananas!

  1. One way to get the most out of the banana’s you buy is to hang the bunch. A simple hook from the bottom of your upper cabinets will work wonders. Make sure to keep it away from drafts or extreme’s in temperature. I totally share your frustration with overripe fruit and cringe when I have to toss them!

    Also look for orphaned fruit. My grocery usually puts them in the lower right hand corner of the display. They will be stacked single banana’s that may have been a part of a bunch they had to throw away. These are usually discounted at the register and are ready to eat for a day or two while your bunch ripens.

    Can’t wait to hear more!!!

  2. The frozen banana idea was a genius mistake. Great for smoothies PLUS you can also dip them in Chocolate! Now that’s heaven. And now I want one.

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