Hi! I’m Noelle and I am a good food junkie. I live and work in sunny South Florida and in 2011 I’ve gotten married, bought a home and started this blog. Phew, I’m exhausted! Actually, I blog (and do all types of social media) for a living in the dental industry (exciting, right?) Yes, it is a nine-to-five but anyone working in the industry knows it’s more like 24 hours. So, I’ve decided to mix my job (blogging) with my passion (food)! The idea is to give quick tips, recipes, food recommendations and create food-related discussions for all you food junkies out there.

My passion for food started at an early age. I practically grew up in my dad’s deli! I used to pick the blueberries out of the muffin mix and watch “Ducktails” in the back room. I didn’t have a choice when I fell in love with food, both my cultures are deeply rooted in it. My mother’s Italian side talks about what’s for dinner while we are making breakfast. Sunday dinners are an all-out event! And my earliest food memory comes from my dad’s Middle Eastern side. I remember being 5 or 6 years old and watching my aunts make Syrian string cheese from scratch. I’m telling you, I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I grew up eating incredible food and hope to pass the tradition down to my family.

I hope you enjoy my blog and possibly get inspiried to eat something I’ve talked about. After all, you are never too busy to eat good!




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