Antipasti:The Ultimate Holiday Appetizer

My family is funny. After last year’s Thanksgiving, we realized that everyone filled up on appetizers and didn’t have room for the main course. So we said “next year we’ll just do antipasti”. You know, some Italian meats and cheeses and call it a day. Well, this is what ended up happening!


Yes, that is a dining table COMPLETELY COVERED in Italian deliciousness! So much for not filling up on appetizers. Although it looks overwhelming, it’s actually really simple and such a great conversation starter. I highly recommend replacing dozens of small frozen appetizers or the usual dips with fresh delicatessens. Here is what you’ll need to get started:

  1. Start with a large surface such as a table or kitchen island
  2. Lay down parchment paper or aluminum foil to protect the surface
  3. Buy enough romaine and/or wide leaf green lettuce (no iceberg) to cover the surface. We bought a total of five bags for the photo above
  4. Get radicchio cups to hold your various antipasti items such as chickpeas, assorted olives, roasted red peppers, eggplant caponata, pepperoncini, marinated artichokes, marinated asparagus, and anchovies
  5. Cheese: 2lb block of provolone sliced thin and two large balls of fresh mozzarella
  6. Meat: 1lb of prosciutto, 1lb of capicola,  1lb of pepperoni,  1lb of Genoa salami and 1lb of soppressata
  7. Shrimp: 1lb of cocktail shrimp. You can get a Styrofoam tree (or whatever shape you prefer) from a craft store such as Michael’s. Cover the tree with endives and attach the shrimp using toothpicks.

I hope you try this one at your next holiday party. I guarantee that your guests will talk about it for years to come. Happy Holidays!


This Sh*t is Bananas!

Frozen Bananas

Bananas are my go-to fruit. They are so handy and easy to eat;
I bring them to work every day as my mid-morning snack.

I try to be strategic when I’m buying them. I usually pull
apart a few from the bunch that I think I’ll use before they go bad…while no one’s
looking of course. I’m pretty sure it’s a supermarket taboo that everyone does
but no one talks about. I get super frustrated every week because I always have
1-2 that I need to throw away due to them becoming over rip.

My friend Nicole mentioned putting them in the fridge to
extend the shelf life. I must have been half listening because I starting
putting them in the freezer.  I happily
told her that I took her advice and put the bananas in the freezer, now what?
She looked at me like I was crazy! Anyhoo, I’m stuck with a bunch of frozen
bananas and nothing to do with them. I figured I wasn’t the only person with
this dilemma so I’ve compiled a list of handy things to do with frozen bananas.

  • Bananas Smoothies
  • One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream
  • Frozen Chocolate Covered bananas
  • Thaw one to add to cake mix for super moist cake
  • Banana Daiquiris
  • Banana Butter
  • Banana Pancakes
  •  Banana Muffins or Bread

You get the idea. Enjoy!